Pete Chaston's weather books

Dec 4, 2003
Does anyone here own Pete Chaston's forecasting books? I see an ad in Weatherwise listing Weather Basics, Weather Maps, and a few other titles. I haven't seen a copy of his books firsthand and am curious what your impressions of them are.

I have all of them and I think they make a nice addition to any weather library. There are some errors in them (but what book doesn't have a few).

Worth the money - imo
I have his Weather Maps book which is very well written covering all the basic weather maps and how to read and interpret them. Also have Weather Basics which is also well written. They are basically geared towards amateurs. Also have Sturtevant's book The Severe Local Storm Forecasting Primer which is very good and fairly easy to follow.
I have his weather maps book and is a good beginner's reference. There are some typos, and the version I have has some items that are a bit outmoded. They're not outdated, but I don't think many of us (save for pilots maybe) use the radar depiction (Difax like) charts anymore.

Concepts are explained in a fashion that most folks could understand.
I have Weather Maps Third Ed. It is basic but there are some great formulas to help understand synoptic events.

Another Great book is Djuric's Weather Analysis. Many great formulas to help you understand meteorlogy, not just read maps.