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Perfection of a Supercell

That's taken from Rapid City, SD by the NWS employees there. You can find a lot more pictures of the cell from around the region at the Rapid City WSFO website.
:lol: We were on our family vacation that week and on that evening we were at devil's tower.When we got there i asked the park ranger if he heard anything on any tornado's in the area and he said they always miss the tower. boy was he wrong after my 2 kids decided on walking completely around the tower i told them we need to hightail it outa there. hundred prairedogs,20 or so elk, and one fox with a death wish ( ran out in front of us) and dodging hail we made it back to the motel in rapid city.
Beautiful pic, Kyle! I'll have to go look at the others. Thanks for the link.
It's over mountains! Of course it's going to be a high base! :twisted: :lol:

(I actually have no clue if mountains affect bases at all.)