Perfection of a Supercell

That's taken from Rapid City, SD by the NWS employees there. You can find a lot more pictures of the cell from around the region at the Rapid City WSFO website.
:lol: We were on our family vacation that week and on that evening we were at devil's tower.When we got there i asked the park ranger if he heard anything on any tornado's in the area and he said they always miss the tower. boy was he wrong after my 2 kids decided on walking completely around the tower i told them we need to hightail it outa there. hundred prairedogs,20 or so elk, and one fox with a death wish ( ran out in front of us) and dodging hail we made it back to the motel in rapid city.
WOW! I have a new desktop image!

I would LOVE to see a time lapse on that beast! :shock:
Beautiful pic, Kyle! I'll have to go look at the others. Thanks for the link.