Pass Christian?

Dec 4, 2003
Norman, OK
Does anyone have any information on how Pass Christian fared? Just wondering if my young one has an apartment to return to. Please feel free to PM me with any response. Thanks for your help!!
My family in Gautier 40 miles from there lost their house and cars and the pics coming from pascagoula (there is one on the fox news main page) shows destruction is pretty widespread but I can't imagine being able to find out about a specific apartment complex unless they mention it on the news and so far I have not heard anything about pass christian specifically.
Just heard on CNN that pass christian and other close by areas are hard for assement people to get in but they will be surverying the damage as soon as the sun is up.
His place is 1/2 mile inland, north of the railroad tracks, on Hurricane Cirlce. Looks like the tracks in Gulfport held some of the surge back, but it's like I told him last night, hope for the best but expect the worst. At least we were able to get him, his girlfriend and their cat out...that's what counts.
Thanks for your help, guys!!