Panasonic DVX100 (A & B models) -- who has one?

So who on this board has this camera and what did you they pay for it? And what do you think of it? I've been seeing used models going for less than $2,000 on eBay -- some for even <$1,750 with all of the accessories included.

Has anybody experimented with the 24p image capture? Aside from the Canon XL2, the only other prosumer camera that has the capability to shoot at 24 f/ps is the Panasonic AJ-SPX800 which is over $15,000. I'm planning on using the camera for chasing, no doubt -- but the real reason for me wanting to buy this camera is independent filmmaking.

So what chasers have this camera, and what do they think of it?
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Fred Plowman and I have the DVX100A. I love the camera and it is very hard to beat as far as pro-consumer video cameras are concerned. The 24p is an awesome function. BUT this camera is useless in low light situations even with the iris wide open so I would take that into consideration when chasing at night or pre-dusk satiations.

If you use it out side of chasing, so for documentaries or other real world and well lit shoots you can't go wrong with this unit.

Also try for more good info.


Me got the DVX100A .. I have to somewhat disagree with Mickey on the low light sucks though.. In 24p mode it has more of a low light challenge than in 60i mode. The 60i mode is comparable to any other prosumer cam ie. PD170, definetly better low light than the Canon G2 and the like..

There are camera's in this price range that do have somewhat better low light capability ( lux ). I have seen them compared. The performance is noticable but I say negligable. Further I would say that anything you can see at dusk you can see with the camera in 60i.

I can never once recall being upset that I couldnt get useable footage in 3 yrs of chasing with this camera.

Sorry Mickey my intention wasnt to contradict you. I just have had a different experience for stormchasing use thats all.

Now a wedding reception can seem challenging.. But always seems to look better when on a TV than when you were shooting and looking at the LCD on the cam.
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Damnit Fred why must you contradict me? LOL

Fred has used his far more than I so he has rank over me as far as that camera is concerned.

Regardless Nick I think you will like this unit, but I would use it for much more than just storm chasing because it's well worth the $$$ if you do.

The link below is a video I shot on Nov 29 here on C OK. The quality is not real great due to it 1. being a web file 2.) the camera man...