Our new technical administrator is David Drummond

Effective today, January 3, 2007, David Drummond will be taking on the duties of technical administrator. He'll tweak the board to make it run smoother, add any enhancements that make it more usable for our users, take care of spammers, monitor server status, and help the moderators with super-admin abilities.

David of course runs the DrylineHosting.com webhosting site and is more than experienced with server administration tasks.

Thanks, David!



Congratulations on your internal promotion to Tech Admin. We look forward to a smooth operating board with no glitches, burps, downtime and especially smooth operations on Mod or High risk days.

Oh, and no pressure. ;)

As part of the offer David will be getting a portion of our ad revenue, to compensate for the extra time he'll be spending on ST. Hopefully it won't be much extra time, considering how smooth the board has run the past few months.
Thanks guys, I'll try my best to do a good job. Tim has things running pretty smoothly since the move to the dedi server now, so I'll be surprised if any tweaking I would do would go noticed by the majority of people. At least maybe I can take a little of the work load off Tim now.

Oh....no farking my first week ok? :D:eek:
Congrats, David. I appreciate the committment you and Tim have to maintaining the quality of Stormtrack. Best of luck!
You do a great job running Dryline Hosting - still happy with my domain! I just gotta update my site once......

So if the board crashes we can all blame you right? LOL. Just kidding of course... I am sure you will do a fine job keeping this board running.