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Online Modifiable Hodograph - Supercell/Tornado Forecasting Tool

Brian Thalken

I wanted to share this online forecasting tool that I wrote with Jonathan Garner.


Provides the user with an array of internet data useful in making short-term (0-3 hour) forecasts of convective weather phenomena. The key feature is the ability to display and manipulate the current 0HR RUC forecast wind profile. The hodograph which is produced utilizes the Bunkers ID method for forecasting storm-motion, which has been shown to be a superior way of determining supercell storm motion. Parameters such as storm-relative helicity as well as vector shear magnitudes are then computed and displayed next to the hodograph. RUC thermodynamic parameters are also ingested into the program and displayed as well. The value of this tool lies in the fact that the user can adjust the wind profile based on the observations a forecaster makes for their area of interest. The CAPE, LCL height, and CIN can be adjusted as well, resulting in more accurate composite parameters utilized in determining supercell and tornado potential for a particular region.

I'm not sure if I'm the only one, being a n00b at Wx forecasting, but is there a site or place I can easily get information regarding how to read this data?
Great diagnostic tool Brian!

Could you could provide the other forecast hours as well (3-, 6-, 9-, 12-hour)? How about including NAM and GFS model output as well?
Thanks, those are very good suggestions. Yes, I'm planning on adding more forecast hours and possibly other model ouput when I find more time to work on the app.:)

I'm always open to suggestions and new ideas.