online education

Angel Dimitrov


I'm looking for distance/online education in the field of Meteorology. Do you know which university provide such?

It's not taking credited university courses, but if you want to learn how to APPLY meteorology, I suggest the COMET website:

I know that NWS uses several of these modules for training their metorologists. But, anybody can sign up and go through the lessons and take the quizes. Plus, it keeps track of what you have done and how well you did.
Hey folks,

Thanks for the links. It looks that there is no online education as good compared to the on campus:)

Actually the WDTB Severe Weather and Winter Weather online components are better than most likely all but a handful of campuses if you are talking about operational meteorology.
MIT OpenCourseWare

I just ran into this, and find it quite amazing:

Among the 1800+ courses freely available are a number in Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, e.g. Tropical Meteorology, General Circulation of the Earth's Atmosphere, Atmospheric and Oceanic Modeling, etc., etc.

Courses come with syllabi, lecture notes (check these out for example --, practice sets, assignments and exams with answers. A few courses, i.e. Diff Eq. I noticed, even have full downloadable lectures!

Get a group together, find a mentor, and you're getting 90% of the MIT "experience" practically for free.