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old storm pics

I retouched a couple older storm pics, What do you think?




Doug Raflik

Those are incredible shots... I love the explosive storm in the distance and the "welcome to Kansas" sign. You have shot a lot of very good photography, dude... Great work! :)
Looks great.... I'd just adjust the horizon on the 2nd picture a bit ;) I think the third is ok, although it might be off by a small margin.

Something fun you could do with #2 is to keep it B/W but leave the sign colored. The effect can be overused, but it might be fun to do on that pic :)

The second one is freakin dominant, I love the half white half red tornado too. I'm gonna have too go with the pic #2 though

Where was that Tornado by the way?
Wow, beautiful photographs man. The Attica tornado has such clarity and color tones...and I love the Black and White monsterous convection with the sign in the foreground.