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OKC Metro chaser dinners

Would you be interested in bi-weekly get-togethers for dinners/video/ect. in the OKC area?

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This is something that we did a couple of years ago. Every other Sunday, we would pick a location to all meet for dinner. It was open to anybody that wished to attend. The evening would sometimes end at somebody's house for video and refreshments. These get-togethers were put on hold during chase season, and we just never really got back to it. If there is an interest in starting again, I will get things kicked off. There are some places in the Metro that even have televisions, and if they don't have a VCR, they would possibly let us bring one to hook up.

If you are interested, let me know. The days and times are flexable...whatever works for the most people.

Chris Sokol/KD5ILI
Mobile Weather Concepts
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
I like this idea. Every year I go to Oklahoma to chase in May. I've always wanted to attend a chase picnic but as luck would have it, I dont get the chance to do so due to severe weather rescheduling or it just not being at that time of the month. Only last year was I able to attend Rocky's chase picnic. I think it would be a good idea cause I would love to get together with some chasers and talk about chases past, and show off any video I might have. :D :lol: