Obscene Signup URLs

Mar 6, 2005
I know that the mods/admin probably don't have the time for this sort of thing, but....

Is there anything we can do about the "newest registered user" signup details being shown right there on the front page?

Mr. "wolf"'s home url is highly questionable. (Please do not click on it unless you're thick-skinned - it is obscene and degrading). Unfortunately I had some spare time on my hands today, and was curious.......for all of .02 seconds.

Perhaps we could add in the feature that screws up bots where they have to type in what they see on the screen in order to authorize? I know it sucks...but it seems to be for the best.
This is easily remedied.

The admins should go back to the old sign-up policy (which I believe they are going to do). When I registered I had to provide some background info on myself, state whether or not I was a chaser, and state why I was interested in joining.

Usually, this weeds out the serious people from the l33t speaking morons.
Still in place... but users can submit a name before they send in their essay. We have to crosscheck the two and then enable the account after we determine they are legit.

You still have to do that. But anybody who registers will have their name show up at the bottom of the index page, even before they are actually approved. I think somebody would have to do a complete code re-write to eliminate or modify that feature.

It's really no big deal though. Darn few people click on those things anyhow. And those of us who do pretty well know that the majority of them are spam.
I'll take a quick look at the PHP script and disable the line -- it's not really necessary anyway since a lot of the users are bots and spammers and don't get approved.

Also, I suggest you put a security system in place that prohibits access to people that are using anonymous proxies. We have one installed over at the forums I help administrate, and it has been a very useful tool.

If you are interested, PM me and I'll see if I can track that program down for ya.