NYC Metro Hit Hard

Jul 18, 2004
Westport, CT
On friday night we had one of the most intense thunderstorms I've experienced in CT in a long time. INTENSE lightning lasted for more than 30 minutes with tens of thousands of power outages state-wide. However, in Stamford, Conn. there was a damaging microburst causing 9000 power outages. Furthermore, on the north shore of Long Island, an F1 tornado touched down in Glen Cove.

WNBC - "Storm Damage In L.I. Reportedly From Twister"
WTNH - "Cleanup continues after severe storms overnight"
Newsday - "Residents sweat through tornado cleanup"

NWS Upton - LSR - Stamford Microburst
NWS Upton - PNS - Glen Cove Tornado

EDIT - btw, as i write this a SVR-warned storm is overhead...we've had about an inch of rain so far but 1hr rates exceeded 4"! Avg storm motion is less than 10mph.
It's been darn hot around here. Yesterday, Central Park (New York City) hit a record of 99 F, and Newark Airport a temperature of 102 F. I'm not surprised we've got unstable air above us.

We had some strong thunderstorms move through my neighborhood this afternoon. (The high today was 95 F, I think, at Newark.) Since I have dial-up, I disconnected the phone line so my computers wouldn't get fried. :shock:
south of boston recieved, in spots, more than 5 inchs of rain from a line of thunderstorms, some severe, that didnt move much over a few hours. Isolated power outages and large branches down. I couldnt continue my survey because so many clueless people just complete lose it when they see a traffic light thats out or a few inches of water in the road. Despite being a sunday afternoon, traffic rapidly became impassable on most roads.
Holy Cow! F1 in Glen Cove???

Newsday says Dosoris Lane ?!?! . I used to live very close to there once upon a time. Way before my chasing days. I lived in that neighborhood from '90 - '93. A good friend of mine used to live on that road.

I used to share a house on the beach in Bayville with a few college buds (snake ranch). One of my favorite summer pastimes was watching the evening storms roll over L.I. Sound from CT. or Westchester. The storms would stall when they got to the water. Then accelerate and blast right at us. Always great lightning. Ah, good times..

Check out this report from New Canaan:



That's a lot of trees! Must have been a hell of a strong downburst.

I've been watching all this action happening nearby, checking it out on radar... But both Friday night and again tonight (Sunday), all the severe weather, every single storm out of literally dozens that looked like they might come my way, every single one managed to dissipate or miss New Haven. We've had a few distant peals of thunder, a couple of minutes of relatively light rain, and that's it.

Yeah Sam, we had that storm too, very electric! A few CG in it, but the CC was pretty active. And right now, im gonna get another storm in 10minutes, and right now, the lightning is surrounding me, crazy stuff.
I was watching this on the radar a little while ago along with following the reports, and I can imagine it being a nuisance in the New York metro area (along with Providence, Rhode Island), especially with all of the gusty winds near urban areas. Thank goodness those storms weren't ripe to produce any severely damaging hail!! Things could have been much worse.

Looks like Philadelphia is about to take a hit...
Well, I was trying to beat the last storm home, and was able to get this picture by wedging the camera between my elbow and the window, pretty lucky if you ask me!
Nice pic.

The thing that amazed me was the way storms kept forming and reforming in the same general area. This was not the usual squall line exibiting training behavior... For almost 12 hours straight, severe storms fired randomly along a stationary front/boundary and then quickly moved east. Many areas in southern New England were hit again and again, each time by a completely new and different storm. I've rarely seen this kind of scenario in CT, although I have encountered similar situations elsewhere. I guess when you have CAPE values as high as we did (up around 4500 per SPC mesoanalysis) it can take a while for the atmosphere to work its way back to stable.

A very impressive round of storms for the area, even if they did all seem to want to avoid me like the plague.
Yeah, it was constant thunder and alot of lightning in CT. I got to the storm around the Newtown area, near the Skate Tyme place if anyone knows where that is. I was closer to the end, but I still got a nice show!
Amazing to see such a storm make it to the island. I grew up in Islip, LI. Most times the storms can't survive the trip across the Sound. Now, if they track east over Manhattan or the Bronx, they can hold together long enough.

Out east is another story. in Greenport, they get a nader every couple of years. Seems the seabreeze front causes enough lift to get things rolling.