NWS RIDGE Radar Display NOW Available Nationwide

I posted information about this before, here is the updated news.

New NWS RIDGE Radar Display Available Nationwide
(February 22, 2006) -- The New RIDGE radar display is now available at 122 National Weather Service forecast office web sites nationwide. It may also be found on 33 Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Defense web sites. RIDGE is the acronym for Radar Integrated Display with Geospatial Elements.

I'm glad the NWS finally rolled out the ridge radar pics. Much improved over the previous setup, IMHO. Now, if they can just enable a zoom without loading up a loop of radar pics.
yea the zoom would be great, would make it MUCH easier to identify counties, ect
but hey its free and its an IMPROVEMENT! great!
Only thing I really hate about this new radar is it takes forever to load now. especially on a laptop/dialup. So many backgrounds to load before you ever get to precip. Dont even think about looping this thing when out in the field.
A lot of people are complaining at the new setup. They are saying that the images are not as sharp and they take to long to load.

I have not tried to compare since I use other software for radar.

Wonder if any in this forum have had the problems mentioned above.
Storm-Total Precip is not usable, they use the same legend for all sites but that's not what is actually utilized.
oh my it DOES take forever to load, and when you zoom in it gets real fuzzy - wouldnt want to try to load this through my cell phone/laptop connection.....
Storm-Total Precip is not usable, they use the same legend for all sites but that's not what is actually utilized.

I checked a few sites and found the legends different:

KILX: 0 to 6 inches
KMLB: 0 to 20 inches
KATX: 0 to 15 inches
KMQT: 0 to 10 inches
KGRR: 0 to 12 inches
KSOX: 0 to 5 inches

These values (legends and actual estimates) match what is displayed on COD's radar pages, so it appeas they fixed the original problem.

Chris G.
"so it appeas they fixed the original problem"

Good to hear - it was difficult trying to explain the issue to web people with no knowledge of radar ops!
Personally, i dont think many people will even use it. Most laymen go to their local news' website for radar, or look at the tv. As for us advanced guys, we end up using applications, instead of internet radars...When i first used GR level 3 smoothed, with shapefiles, and topo backrounds...I wondered why i ever used internet radars. But, not to bash it...The topo is nice, and the polygon warnings are even better.