North Texas Weather Deflector Brought Down

Take that weather deflectors we've manage to disable the Ft Worth one for a short period of time and got some decent thunderstorms Saturday night into Sunday. We actually got a whole lot of rain on Sunday and the precip was coming down all day long. If any Normanites are reading this post I apoligize our efforts to shut down your weather deflector have failed and our attempt was a disaster. This weather deflector is extremely powerful, has numerous back up generators (#still unknown) and a very nasty defense grid we barely escaped alive :shock: Well hang in thier Norman Spring is just around the corner. CGs and thunder with lots of rain in Texas could this be the beginning of the end for our serious drought?

"Free souveniers various sizes readily availiable, visit your nearest supercell core to have them convieniantly delivered right through your windshield."
Yes, we didn't do too bad...