NOAA/NWS redoes websites-Check your links!

So today I check my website and discover that the majority of the links I have to NWS web pages are sending me to 404 errors.. Apparently some WFOs have just reorganized their sites and changed the URLs of a lot of pages and taken others down entirely.

At least MKX, MPX and GRB have done this...check your links for others that might have changed.

Examples of what I mean:

is now

is now

is now

and so on
Seems that most of the WFOs in the Midwest have done this, so I'm gonna have to redo just about every link to a storm write-up that I have in the high risk archive. :x
Hey Andy,

CRH has made the region-wide switch from "htm" to "php". If anyone has linked to pages with htm extensions, you will most likely need to update links. Take care!

Scott Blair