NO Mayor states current situation

Was watching some MSNBC this morning, had a phone call wth the New Orleans mayor, at 1230Z, he said the reports coming into his office say there are numerous fires in the city, several reports of building collapses, and in the southern parts of the city a lot of the pumps are offline and most of the levy's are overrun.

Sounds like a beautiful morning in Louisiana.

Oh, and I'd like to add this is the first time I've seen the NWS issue a tornado warning for an eyewall. I guess that is an F2 worth of sustained winds. Ouch.

And they also said reports about a hundred miles east from the eye of wind gusts of 113 mph.

Outstanding. (sarcastic)
Wonder what that means... there is a 1-inch polyurethane layer above steel planking. Seems this could mean anything from the top layer peeling off to the entire deck coming apart.