No Breaks for New Orleans - Tornado

NWS damage survey conducted, indicating two F1s and one F2. Note that the second and third tornado paths may be consolidated:

0234 AM     TORNADO          NEW ORLEANS ARMSTRONG A 29.98N 90.25W   

02/02/2006  F1               JEFFERSON          LA   NWS STORM SURVEY  

0239 AM     TORNADO          METAIRIE                30.00N 90.18W   

02/02/2006  F1               JEFFERSON          LA   NWS STORM SURVEY  

0243 AM     TORNADO          NEW ORLEANS             29.97N 90.08W   

02/02/2006  F2               ORLEANS            LA   NWS STORM SURVEY

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I hadn't realized the extent of the damage until seeing video this morning - - - of course, it's tough to separate Katrina damage from tornado damage at this point, but it looks like these tornadoes were not of the weak variety. It's crazy - but when I saw the threat for the gulf coast on Wednesday the thought actually crossed my mind that it would be really discouraging at this point for NOLA to get a tornado -