Nikon 18-55 mm and 28-80 mm up for grabs...

Mar 19, 2005
Independence, MO
Hey gang
Well since I am shooting a friend's wedding in June and a summer of senior and family portraits is upcoming, I've decided it's time to eliminate missed photo oppurtunities caused by the need to switch lenses by consolidating two of my lenses into one lens. I am selling two of my lenses in order to fund their replacement with a versatile new Sigma 18-200 mm.
But before I put these lenses on Ebay, I thought I'd give y'all a chance to grab two nice lenses for a very reasonable price.
The first lens is a Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor ED 18-55 mm1:3.5-5.6G lens. I purchased it six months ago off Ebay and it has been used on a fairly regular basis. I am offering it at $130 including shipping.
The second lens is a Nikon AF Nikkor 28-80 mm. It has been my primary lens and is a true workhorse. I'm asking $190, including shipping.
I have always taken excellent care of them as I do all my equipment, and they look and perform like they were just taken out of the box. They have many, many years of life left in them and I would keep them, but my needs as a professional photographer necessitate their sale. They would be excellent either as backup or regular use lenses.
I will consider selling both lenses in a package deal for $270 including shipping.

If any of you are interested, please PM me soon, as if no interest is shown here by the ST community in a week, I will place them on Ebay as soon as I get home from the chaser convention. This is a limited time offer, and once I put them on Ebay, I will be asking more for them, so if you really want or need one or both of these lenses and want to save a few bucks, contact me ASAP.
Thanks! :)
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Just a heads up -- you might want to surf over to B&H and look at what those lenses cost *new*. That might be why you're not getting many offers.
Well now that I'm properly informed, I'll take $120 for the 18-55 shipped, $110 for the 28-80 shipped or $210 for both shipped.
I sincerely apologize for my wretched overpricing, I wasn't trying to intentionally gouge anyone, I just didn't realize the prices had dropped that low for these lenses.
This is why I utterly despise kit lenses... they're the Kia's of the lens world. Do you know why I use that particular analogy? Because they both have NO resale value. Doesn't mean they're not good vehicles/lenses, it just means you won't get crap when you go to sell them.
I guess my loss is somebody elses gain. Ce la vie, as they say in Paris.