Nice supercell

Originally posted by Melissa Moon
The one to the south there has a decent hook to it. Interesting! Did this supercell wind up doing anything noteworthy?

Yes, is exactly that one.

It was right to my north. Spectacular lightning (lighting radar reported over 80 strokes/min for over an hour or so, with 45% CG) with a continuous rumblig heard to the north.

Did not see any feature but some nice banding and a very strong sfc inflow, got gusty SSE winds at about 30-35 kt.

Tonight I'll check the news, if I'm not wrong it should have passed close to the airport area (Guangzhou Baiyun INTL Airport).

The sounding was conducive for supercells:

[Broken External Image]:

In the afternoon I record 34°C with dews over 25°C, so very abundant energy. From the cloud tops temps, guess the convective heights was around 100 mb (16-17 km).


PS: It is a PITY that in such an area there is not a sounding around 18:00 local time, I guess the CAPE would be fantastic.
Maybe replica today: towering cumulus bubbling everywhere, moderate sfc flow (southest), sometimes gusty, and abudant fuel:

88 °F / 31 °C
Light Rain
Heat Index: 102 °F / 39 °C
Humidity: 75%
Dew Point: 79 °F / 26 °C
Wind: 4 mph / 7 km/h from the ESE
Pressure: 29.65 in / 1004 hPa
Visibility: 1.2 miles / 2.0 kilometers