NEXRAD supercell imagery request

I need to do a public presentation on supercell structure and I'm looking for a NEXRAD screen capture of classic or HP cell. Anyone aware of public domain imagery of this type?
You may be looking for something entirely different than what I will provide below, but here is a base reflectivity NEXRAD image of a classic supercell (May 3, 1999) that's about as textbook as they get:


Here's is the corresponding storm relative velocity mode image of this same storm:


If you need something different, I have tons of saved radar images here from various dates I'd be happy to share with you. Just let me know.

Here's another one of the same cell, that is larger, but with a bit less definition:


Sigh, well, it was larger. Much larger. That is until photobucket resized it to fit on their page. I guess I could always email you the fullsize version if need be, as I still have it saved to my hard drive.

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Those are wonderful George, thank you!

(((resisting temptation to ask for squall line imagery))) :wink:

Gimme just a moment! I'll go digging and see what I find. Hehe.

Ok, here we go. May 18, 1995 bow echo over Pulaski County, KY:



PA Squally


MI Squally:


I wish I had some better examples than these, but it was all I could find.

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Here's is the corresponding storm relative velocity mode image of this same storm:



George, is there a public source for those realtime velocity images?



I wish there was. But I located both of those May 3 images long after the event itself was over. But they do look nice don't they?

We'll see if this animates as expected...
EDIT: This animated GIF was slowing things down, so click the link below to see it...
May 9th, 2004 -- OKC Cyclic tornadic supercell (one of the most impressive radar presentations of the cyclic nature of a supercell that I have ever seen).

Here's another radar snapshot of it:
[Broken External Image]:

[Broken External Image]:

Here's one from 3-17-03 near Hobart OK:
[Broken External Image]:
I created a cross section for the storm May 10 2003 (technically May 10, because it was after 0Z)...

I took this one through both of the hooks/BWER's
[Broken External Image]:

And here is the result:
[Broken External Image]:

Notice the BWER on the west (the right) appears to be just forming, while the one to the east is well developed (this later collapses and the one on the left becomes dominant - See below).

Then, you can finally see the nice tilt to the storm
there's a classic radar capture showing a severe squall that stretches from Texas to Kansas. I saw it in a NWS presentation yesterday, but I cant find it anywhere on the net.