New Weather Service Radars Saving Lives........

I didn't know NSSL was a branch of NWS or that there were "Category 5 twisters."

I'm glad when the press publishes weather related articles, but I wish they would catch the little errors like that.
As someone who regularly handles media interviews (did two or three today on the hot dry weather of late here in central Indiana), I have found that rarely will the reporter get the story totally correct. As long as they get a valid point across, though, that's all I care about. So far, I've rarely been wildly misquoted.
I actually edited that story in the newspaper I work for. I noticed the Category 4-5 junk ... but it was below the line where we cut the story to fit. (I just railed about it to my fiancee, who works with me here)

It makes me wonder how many nuance-detail things I've messed up in stories I've written over the years about areas where I have no experience and little interest. :?