New Version of GR3 out Custom icons

Sorry for posting the direct link Dave

1) Placefile Manager is a floating tool window. It's similar to the Storm Attributes and Warning windows. To display it, select Windows->Show Placefile Manager. You can size and position the window anywhere. The settings are persistent. Click on the standard Close button to hide it. The toolbar icons are "Add", "Delete", "Move Down", and "Move Up". The last three apply to the selected placefile. Each placefile has two checkboxes to the left of the name. The first one is the Enabled checkbox, the second is the Underlay checkbox. To see a placefile's status, right-click on it. Placefiles that aren't loaded or have errors use a light red background. When changing sites, the color will change as new data is loaded.

2) Added support for the new VCPs (2xx).

3) Added support for user-defined cursors. A somewhat goofy thing but easy to implement so I threw it in there. At startup, GRLevel3 looks in the installation directory for cursor files (.cur or .ani):

a) zoom.cur/zoom.ani -- this is the Zooming mode cursor
b) pan.cur/pan.ani -- the Panning mode cursor
c) hand.cur/hand.ani -- the cursor used when hovering over a radar site

4) Default warning server address changed. Internally, the default warning server address has been changed to the one requested by the server's admin. Won't make a difference right as it's mapped to the old address. When their new server comes online, it should offer better warning perf.

5) Fix for Vista Aero shell. The zoom box no longer corrupts the display when running Vista's Aero shell. Those with slow graphics adapters may notice some "chunkiness" when sizing the zoom box.