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New storm-chasing novel 'Funnel Vision' - virtual book release Jan. 24

Hi, folks! I've just published the novel "Funnel Vision," a storm-chasing adventure, and I'm having a virtual book-release party Tuesday, Jan. 24. If you are interested and can snag a copy that day - available in ebook for $2.99 and paperback for $14.95 - we might stir up a storm in Amazon's rankings. Of course, check it out any old time!

Here's where to learn more, see the book trailer, and get links to various editions of the book:

The teaser: When brash tornado researcher Jack Andreas and photographer Judy Hale cross paths with each other, a host of obsessed storm chasers, Judy’s sultry sister and a hapless storm tour operator, they can only be on a road to disaster … and dreams. With action, humor, romance and rapturous skies, Chris Kridler’s novel Funnel Vision takes you into the heart of Tornado Alley — and the hearts and minds of the adventurers who populate the nomadic, geeky, exhilarating world of storm chasing.

This is a novel - the story and characters are fictional - but I drew upon 15 years of chasing experience as I wrote the book. That said, I took liberties with geography, research methods and other elements to tell the story.

Warning for the faint of heart: Contains adult language and situations. That is all! Thanks, and happy chasing! :cool:
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I recently had the opportunity to read Funnel Vision by author and journalist Chris Kridler. This is an exciting novel that transports the reader into the storm chasing world. Ms. Kridler adroitly combines adventure and romance with her cast of wanderers across Tornado Alley and the deserts of Arizona. Jack Andreas is a PhD candidate and member of a large research team of meteorologists who are chasing tornadoes and "gorilla" hail. Obsessed with tornadoes, he passes the time between storm seasons with drinking and brief affairs. There are sisters Judy and Shannon Hale who are scarred from their own early experience with a storm in Kansas. Judy is an introspective wedding photographer and Shannon a beautiful coquette. Slightly geeky web designer Robinson drives out to Tornado Alley from Maryland every year to chase storms with a group of friends. There is also Brad Treat, a clueless storm chase tour leader with his first group of tourists and Marcus, a rumpled long-haired graduate student who had never seen a tornado because he was always sent into the storm to collect hail. This motley group interacts in unexpected and interesting ways as they traverse the Great Plains. There is romance both on the chase and between storm seasons. At times, Funnel Vision is amusing and at other times, sad. Like a storm, the unexpected can happen. Ms. Kridler's detailed descriptions capture the beauty and power of not just the tornadoes but also the wind-swept landscape of the American heartland. She is an experienced storm chaser and this shows through the accuracy of her writings yet she does not get bogged down in technical jargon. One does not have to be a storm chaser to enjoy this book. I highly recommend Funnel Vision.

Disclaimer: Chris is a friend of mine but I have kept the review accurate. I do enjoy reading. The book, both paperback and Kindle edition is available today. The Kindle edition is a really good bargain at only $2.99.

Link to the Amazon site:

Bill Hark
Greetings. I just wanted to note that the novel "Funnel Vision" is finally available in iBookstore as well, for Mac fans. It's still on Kindle - the Kindle app is free for various devices, including the Mac ones, of course. And the book is also available for Nook, on Smashwords for Sony eReader etc., and in paperback. The e-book is $2.99. Learn more at http://chirskridler.com/books, and check out the Amazon links to see the latest reviews.