New Orleans TV Stations and Newspaper Links

I spent several years in New Orleans...WWL really keeps on top of things. For those of you with Echolink, that would also be interesting to monitor local nets with.

Here is another interesting resource:

These forecast tracks are based on data provided by the US National Hurricane Center (NHC), the National Center for Environmental Prediction, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, and other Regional Specialized Forecast Centers (RSFC). They are normally updated 5 to 10 minutes after receiving new data from these forecast centers via satellite. The forecast track is then run using the TAOS Hazard Model System to create the animations and maps on this web site. The mapping system is based on Mapserver, from the University of Minnnesota.

This section has some nice features:
Great links!!! Actually, thinking about going to Hattiesburg, MS, and maybe even closer to the action - tomorrow. We had planned a small side-trip to Myrtle Beach, Sc for the next 4 days, but decided against it due to the forecast calling for at LEAST a 40-50% chance of rain the entire time. So.....I'm thinking about doing some cane chasing. I know it's a lot different than tube chasing in the Plains, but it would still be something I would like to do. Anyway, back to the topic....these links are awesome. A LOT of local weather stuff and maps, etc. New Orleans is a place that really could be impacted with Katrina.
WDSU has been running wall-to-wall all day on their Weatherplus channel streaming on their website. They say they'll be wall-to-wall until after the storm comes through.

If memory serves (I'm not going to check because I've got NHCWX and WDSU streaming on both my machines), but there is a collection of linked repeaters in downtown Orleans that is on the top of a hospital. Probably will remain active as far as power goes.

The antennas, who knows.
Thanks to everyone who posted links. I did some research on New Orleans area webcams. Many have not been functioning in awhile, but I still found some including a couple with streaming video. Here are my links:

Bourbon St. Cam


List of New Orleans Cams

Causway Cam

WXnation List of Cams

Live video and data feeds (subscription for some of video content)

Bill Hark