New NWS Hotseat scenario!

I did terrible! I missed several tornadoes. It says I didnt miss one but I didnt issue a warning untill after the report on all of them sigh. I would call that a miss wouldint you?

You guys will like what year you find out this event is from.

My score:

SVR Storms

Issued: 38
Verrified: 16
Lead Time: 7
Missed: 2

Issued: 6
Verrified: 4
Lead Time: 5
Missed: 0

POD: 90%
FAR: 54%
CSI: 43%

Score: 206550
My scores from 3rd scenario: (springlike supe's)
SVR storms
issued: 17
verified: 10
Lead time: 6
Missed: 4

Issued: 8
Lead time:4
Missed: 0

POD: 78
FAR: 40
CSI: 51
score: 260800
This scenario happens to be from 2006 so alot of you guys should already know the event and should do this one pretty easily. For being during winter I was suprised that we had an f3 tornado for the 2 of january! This is the southeast so it is possible I guess but very unlikely in the middle of winter! I remeber this event when it was occuring and several chasers were on these storms I think so did anybody chasing these storms see any of the tornadoes in GA that day? -MatthewCarman.
Interesting stuff, thanks for the link Matthew!

Here are my scores from 3rd scenario:

SVR storms
issued: 24
verified: 8
Lead time: 7min
Missed: 3

Issued: 11
verified: 6
Lead time: 6min
Missed: 0

POD: 82%
FAR: 60%
CSI: 36%

Score: 258150