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I just figured I'd make a first post sayin' hey to everybody. So what's up y'all? Other than that, I was curious to see if anybody on this board was from the Central Carolina Skywarn coverage area. I live just south of Garner on Highway 50... I'm always up to meetin' new people. I'm sure anybody around this area has probably seen my truck a few times. But anyways, just wanted to break the ice. So what's up?

John Mullen
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John, good to hear from you. I have family in Raleigh and I make several trips a year down there to visit (Ten Ten Road, pretty close to where you are). It is a nice area.

My brother, who chases occasionally, lives there and has some nice storm shots from the area. His site is
Although I am based out of Virginia, I do regularly chase into NC depending on my forecast. I know that there are several other chasers in Virginia that will also go to NC. 2006 is not yet over in the east for tornadoes and there is always 2007.

Bill Hark
Eastern Fury: Tornadoes of the Eastern United States
I know we have or had another member from NC that was with Skywarn. Not sure if she is still with the site but you can check her forums out.

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John, I am a neighbor of yours in Raleigh. I am the only Schoenborn in the Raleigh phone book so please phone me so we can get together. Edward M. Schoenborn