Natural Gas Geysers

Cindy Rose

Hi from sunny, tropical Wyoming.

I am in a geyser listserv and the latest semi-off-season topic of conversation is the rash of natural gas geysers occuring in Oklahoma. Some of us are edging towards thinking that the drought is the chief mechanism for the movement of natural gas up the slopes of a lowered water table into the creekbeds in question. Have any of you heard any scientific explanations worth reporting to the geyser gazers?

Cindy Rose
Yeah, out near Kingfisher, there have been some natural gas geysers. I heard that they may be caused by a nearby well that hit a gas pocket... The gas rose up, and was able to ride horizontally in some sandstone. It seems that Kingfisher is right on the edge of a sandstone layer... I don't know a whole lot about geology, but that's just what I've heard in the past couple of days.

Originally posted by KWTV / AP

Although the source is unknown, a preliminary investigation revealed that a natural gas well being drilled by Chesapeake Energy Corp. miles away may be to blame for the strange geysers of explosive vapors.

Work continues into the night to plug mysterious geysers