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Gary Fritz

Greetings. I want to share a new service which I developed – the experimental National Severe Weather Report. This service provides a live size up of severe weather in progress across the nation highlighting tornado, severe thunderstorm, and flash flood warnings that are currently in effect along with a tally of those issued for the day. The contents of the warnings are interrogated and the service reports whether there are currently any NWS reports of tornadoes on the ground in the USA along with where those touchdowns are occurring. Local Storm Reports (LSR) are interrogated to determine whether any damage, injuries, or fatalities are being reported. The LSR for the current day are also tallied and total tornadoes, hail reports, and wind reports are displayed and updated as the day progresses.

Every warning is tracked throughout its life-cycle and crucial developments within the updates (such as spotters confirming a touchdown) are flagged by the interrogation scripts. When the warning polygons are revised they are also posted and available for review showing areas removed from the warning. A Pareto of the NWS Offices issuing the warnings for the day is also provided along with a tally of the Local Storm Reports from those offices keeping you informed of the impacted areas. Links to the recently introduced NWS impact graphics service are provided for every warning to indicate the total population affected and whether there are any hospitals or schools in the warned area. A timer at the top of the screen shows the elapsed time from the most recent warning. The new service is available at report.weatherspotter.net.


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Attached is a screen shot capturing the severe weather events during the evening of 10/6/16 with this new service. Several tornado touchdowns were reported during the early evening in Kansas and were immediately flagged by the National Severe Weather Report. We now have a local version of this service which flags severe weather events in Southwest Indiana, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Illinois. A special alert is placed on our local Skywarn page when tornadoes are reported on the ground in the tri-state.


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You know what I really like about your page? You lay it out for your visitors at the bottom:
This web site and its content is STRICTLY experimental. ALWAYS consult the National Weather Service for official weather information
Information presented is based solely on content of National Weather Service watches, warnings and raw local storm reports
Touchdown reports based solely on textual content of National Weather Service raw local storm reports
Only warnings processed by this report are tornado, severe thunderstorm, and flash flood