My Thought on my 2005 Chase Video

I posted this on my blog and its gotten a few laughs... I have found the appropiate title for my DVD for the 2005 season. The cover is a work in progress, but here is the rough idea..


Just FYI, I'm not planning on making a release of it for anything other than trade, and I imagine I'll have it done before Christmas (hopefully).

Ciao! :D
That's clever, lol.

I briefly considered calling my 2005 vid "Weather You Like It Or Not" with a close-up of my tornado tat for the cover.
Tony, I'd probably buy it - really. For us newbies, it would be a realistic chase year. It's NOT always so easy as people think, and ya have to take the good with the bad. Maybe sell it as a EDUCATIONAL tool! lol I've chased for 10 years, but not seriously. Just hear a warning and go locally. This was my first actual plains planned chase trip this year. Kansas June 4-6. I went in circles one day, and never saw much, but DID meet a lot of other chasers, which was cool. Next year, I'm going from mid-March, until mid-June, so maybe I'll get some good shots, who knows even then, huh? Loved your title and cover btw.
LOL Tony - what else can you say ... made me laugh so hard that someone asked me what was so funny. Thanks for giving us a grin today -

Oh Nick - that was great ... I really like the fine print at the bottom ... it's like 'oh yeah, and there's some chase stuff in here'