My First Tornado-4/26/91

I thought maybe you all would like to see a big reason why I am probably on this board and why I roam the plains each spring. It was my first tornado that my family and I stood outside in our driveway and watched on April 26, 1991. The same day as Red Rock and Andover. This picture was taken 3 miles NW of Rossville, KS on a storm in the northeast part of the state. It was officially rated an F2. Enjoy.


Holy crap dude... you got some major paranormal phenomena going on... you better report it to that website I saw on here :)

To me it wasn't luck at all. It was destiny. 8) Actually that night there was supposed to be a school carnival but it was cancelled because of the tornado. I was a little upset about that at the time I remember. I was only 6 at the time.