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MUST READ!: Image Recovery Software/Corrupted File Repair


This thread is spurned by the fact that yesterday while shooting Hi-Def video of a massive rotating funnel over downtown Memphis, the 5d-MkII I was shooting with said "CARD FULL" and didn't save one ounce of my video. I was just literally sick to my stomach last night on the drive back home and I've been really bummed all day long.

Fast forward to this evening, I'm talking with a photography buddy of mine and telling him the woeful thing that happened. Well he suggest I go to Lexar's website and get a program called

"Image Recovery 4"


so I get the program, and it recovers all of the pictures and videos from the card.

2 of the 3 videos were good. The 3rd video (conveniently the one that had all the good footage! :rolleyes: ) was corrupt!

So I found several programs for free online:

Repair Cycorder

HD Video Repair Utility

File Juicer


all of them failed.....except one. "Treasured" recovered 99% of my video. only thing it didn't get was the audio. I do have to pay a fee, but it's so worth it, with audio it's $99, without it's $79. However, this doesn't mean that the other programs won't work for other files, so I've provided the links to them as well

So if anyone ever has the same thing happen to them, and video or pictures don't save to your flash card, you will know what to do! So if something doesn't appear to save to a flash card of any kind, DO NOT FORMAT OR ERASE THE CARD. Follow the steps in this thread first!

Use the Lexar software and see what you can recover. I didn't think anything was still on the card, but there was and I've now recovered amazing footage I thought was gone forever!

Then try each of the programs till one works for you.
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Thanks for the info. I also have a 5d-MK II, and accidentally deleted one of my lightning photos. I will give this a shot.