Mulvane, KS tornado video project

Shane Adams

Any chasers who have footage of the Mulvane, KS tornado are invited to join J.R. Hehnley and myself in a collaboration video featuring the many different angles of this event. We spent most of the afternoon today putting together a split-screen video of our Mulvane videos, perfectly-synched and from opposite angles. It's really quite interestiong to see what tornadoes look like from different angles real-time. We thought it would be cool to get as many different shots of this as possible for a special DVD highlighting this amazing tornadic event. Just experimenting for now, nothing set in stone.
Of course, this is something Jim LaDue and I have already attempted for the Mulvane event (with Shane's video included), and 6 other chase days for the "Storms of 2004" DVD. We included insets with Level-II radar data and photographer location and shooting angle on some of the chapters, as well as synched split screens.

BTW - we are sending it to the duplication house on Monday assuming the final editing process goes cleanly this weekend (had major issues with the audio rendering in Premier 6.5). We will be posting info for sales right after Thanksgiving - all proceeds to benefit the American Red Cross and the Central OK Chapter of the AMS (both NPOs).

Shane - BTW - I'd be happy to contribute my video to your June 12 project, in return for your contribution (assuming you aren't selling for profit). We approached the storm differently many other chasers - from the east, with great views of the mothership updraft and tornado below.

Nah, no sale is intended, we're just playing around with it right now. This is a concept J.R.'s had for several months now, we just finally got around to starting the project yesterday.
Even though I was within 30 yards of you the entire chase you are more than welcome to play with a copy of my video. Since I had my SLR up to my face the entire chase all of my video is pulled back and not zoomed in like I recall yours and David's is.

Just let me know

I have some video of the storm (supercell) from a distance as some of the tornadoes are occurring and some late evening night stuff with lightning. Not sure how decent it is. I'd have to review it. If you only want the Mulvane torn then disregard.