Stan Rose

Mar 8, 2006
Pueblo, Colorado
Was shooting lightning pics last night and was treated to a full rainbow at around 9:30 pm, with thunderstorm to north and rising moon to south (view is looking north). Unfortunately too short an exposure, so had to enhance them--if you look closely you can barely make out the double rainbow in the second pic! A couple big CGs cut right through the bow. pretty cool show, and it lasted a good 20-30 minutes.

Cool stuff. I saw a "streetlight bow" during the core of a heavy thunderstorm a couple of weeks ago while I I was set up to shoot tower lightning. It came from a streetlight that was fairly distant from me and was solid orange in color (matching the color of the sodium light). It was very bright and about the same size as the moonbow in your photos, though a little closer to me that that. Never saw anything like that before. Unfortunately I was holding the tailgate down to protect my cameras from the heavy rain and didn't get any shots. I'm sure it happens every time there is a downpour there though.