mobile met for use on road

dane westerdahl

I am an air pollution guy doing on-road measurements of air pollution. I could use some advice on how to assess ambient wind speed and direction while driving.
I need 10 second data and would have gps in the van as one means to determine my location, speed and direction of travel. Wind speeds are likely to be very low vs. the road speeds so I am reluctant to use vector subtraction unless I can be really confident in the met data collection. One thing that would help a lot is advice on such systems and whether any are able to sense and record "north" while underway.
I can't believe no one has posted to this.

Search the forum for Mobile Mesonet. It's all probably still in the archives somewhere. This has been discussed at length and in some detail too.

The short answer is:

Scientific Grade - (thus expensive) RM Young and Campbell
Prosumer Grade - Davis Instruments

Data Logging: Usually associated with the equipment you purchase. As far as motion correction, I don't think there's anything commercially available (hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong) that does this.

You might shoot an e-mail off to the folks at NSSL, or SPC and they might be able to guide you to the proper folks that have built that software. Some of the other ST Members may even know who a good contact would be for something like that.

I know the software has been done as I'm sure it was used during Vortex and the other ventures that required Mobile Mesonet Data. So it's out there, just how available it is would be the question.

Good Luck!