Mobile ham radio antenna

I’m in the market to upgrade my mobile ham radio antenna. I’d like to purchase a high(er) gain dual band antenna that is less than 41 inches tall. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good antenna? How about companies or antennas to stay away from?

I currently own a Comet SBB2-NMO.
The first antenna I owned was a Larsen thru-glass antenna for 2m and 440. I know some just cringed as I brought up a thru-glass antenna, but is the best antenna I have owned. I now have a Diamond dual band antenna on a mag-mount that serves the purpose, but isn't as good as the Larsen.

I'm going to purchase the Larsen again very shortly as I am getting tired of moving the magnet around on the roof. I have to move it depending on whether I have the basket or the kayaks on top of the Liberty, and a thru-glass would save me the time and trouble.

From my experience, you can't go wrong with Larsen. Good luck!

mobile dual-band antenna

Hi Brad;

That's not a bad antenna you have already, however the SSB5NMO might be a better choice.

I personally use the Comet CA-2x4sr with the fold-over hinge. Great performance and nice gain; the length is 40" I beleive. Comet has several antennas that would meet your requirements. I've owned several and have always been happy with them.

I use mine on a fender mount; I've found a marked increase in performance having an antenna "solid-mounted" vs. mag mounted with several types of antennas. The thing I like about my system is that the antenna can be removed easily and stored; I have a blanking cap that screws onto the base. The folding design of this antenna also means it get's out of the way when you need it to for quick situations.

I've owned Larsens before, also a good antenna but I like my Comet even better.
Larson dual band with the NMO bracket mount. Srcews into the trunk lip in the water channel, making it a non-destructive way to perm mount an antenna (giving you a much better ground).
Antenna gain is a function of length, but I don't want to go into a disertation of antenna engineering, Y'all would fall asleep! If you wish to stay under 41", stick with what you have. Stay away from mag mounts, they couple weakly with the ground plane underneath. Go with "through hole" hard mounts. Regardless of any advertising propoganda out there, there is no such thing as a ground independent antenna. You need a solid ground plane, with your antenna's ground side directly connected to it.

I use a diamond SG 7900-A it's a brute at 52", but it hears and gets out phenominally. It's kinda pricey too ($115) MFJ makes a knock off of it for $50. My wife has one, and I havent really noticed any major difference.
Like Pat , I am afraid I don't stick with a shorter antenna - Have Triband 144Mhz 5/8 wave ,430Mhz 2x5/8wave and 50 Mhz1/2 wave.with loading coil a little over 72 inches due to 50Mhz. Custom built by a friend in the industry suppling military gear hear in UK.
Long is better and the ground plane is imperative.
I have mine mounted on a bolt through plate welded to the spare wheeel carrier on my SUV- makes it slightly directional but keeps overall height down