Mini Wi-Fi locator

Here' s a must-have for your favorite chasers this Christmas:

From the story:
"I now have one of Mobile Edge’s WiFi Signal Locators. It is a small keychain/fob type of device which is a lot more sophisticated than it looks -– and to me it looks like one of those wireless, remote car door openers.

The locator is 2.2 by 1.1 by 0.4 inches and won’t weigh down your keychain. There is one big button to press right in the middle and a red, four LED display to show signal strength (or not). The device runs on two CR2032 button batteries."


Pretty cool. I usually don't have my wifi card in the laptop because the slots are filled with a Sprint Connection card and my Ositech modem, so having something to pick up wifi signals would be sweet.
Nice find, Amos! Read through the article.. did I see that right? $30? That's not too shabby for such an item; even if its limited on detecting open vs. closed connections.. still a nice thing to have when you don't want to unfold the laptop to find a signal! :)

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