Mike Seidell Video

Saw video of TWC's Mike Seidell giving a live interview during Dennis. A lightning bolt hits behind him and scares him $hitless throwing him off camera. It is quite funny. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could download the clip??
LOL. I'd like to see that as well, though I can't blame him.. I'd probably would have crapped my pants.. :D
They actually showed a clip of it on Jay Leno this evening and I gotta say: "LOL!!!" I laugh because I've done the same thing with close encounters. ;-)

Of course, if you're David "lightning rod" Drummond, it barely even gets a twitch out of you anymore. :)
Yeah, I saw it on Leno as well. Was hoping someone had the clip on their computer, or knew where I could get it.. good stuff...

I actually saw it when it was live and would like to see it again if possible so here goes to the pool of interest in this clip if its able to be found.
I had a bolt of lightning strike about 50 feet away from my car and I had it recorded. However, my camcorder messed up on the clip and I lost it. DVD Camcorder technology. Wrong button and zap. I bet it was funny with Mike from TWC. Remember seeing Jim Cantore a few years ago doing a live shot from up around MA and CT in a snow storm and you saw a bolt of lightning.
Was the cameraman going "zzzzzzzzzttttttttt, GOODNIGHT!!!!" in the background?
Mike Forrester was actually the one who was filming Seidel, so when he gets a chance to catch up on this post, it should be interesting to see the story from his perspective!
Which version of Tivo do you have? You can likely get TivoToGo and then download it off the tivo with that.