Miami Herald: NHC Series

Feb 16, 2005
Tucson, AZ
Miami Herald - Blind Eye: Research cuts stifle hurricane forecasts

This is a great read in the first part of a week-long series looking into the budget struggles that are handcuffing the NHC researchers to make progress in hurricane forecasting. Definitely illustrates NOAA's shortcomings and the need for other academia research institutes and the private sector to pick up the slack that the gov't doesn't care to solve anytime soon. A puzzling decision considering the economic catastrophies hurricanes have caused our country in recent years -- a trend that won't be letting up for the foreseeable future. Perhaps $6 million can be dedicated toward the study of endangered human life in New Orleans instead of endangered salmon??? :roll:
NOAA Equipment Problems

Here is another article from the Miami-Herald in-depth series looking at NOAA and the NHC. It also has links to the numerous other vignettes about such things as the archaic weather balloon and dropsonde technologies used, WSR-88D lightning strike protection and the complacency inherent when large Hurricane Warning areas are issued.