Meteorologists: Keeping Us Safe (on KET/PBS tonight @ 10 PM)

For those of you who live in Kentucky (I know there's a few of you here), there will be a live call in show tonight on KET1 (PBS), in which viewers can call in and ask the panel questions concerning severe weather. John Gordon of the National Weather Service; Chris Bailey, meteorologist at WKYT/Lexington; and Bill Meck, meteorologist at WLEX/Lexington will make up the panel.

I'm sure the program won't be really in-depth, as it's geared toward the public, but it might be interesting for those of you in the area who will have nothing better to do, like me! At least it will give us a chance to see how severe weather smart our residents are by the type of questions they ask. And you never know, it might be more interesting than it appears on the surface.

Anyway, just thought I'd provide a heads-up.