Make Your Own Portable Wifi Connection

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Saw this article and thought it sounded interesting for those of you with deep enough pockets to pull it off. I have seen some chase vehicles with a similar set-up, albeit not integrated into a backpack. It might be difficult to find enough solar power to recharge the battery underneath a massive meso haha. If the price in the technology can come down a little bit more this will definitely be Baron's WX Worx worst fear, although cell coverage is still very spotty in many areas across the plains that chasers frequent.
Nic, you beat me to it....

This is way more technology than I care to break right now (I'm on a bit of a streak of breaking expensive toys) but it does look pretty interesting. A more permanent mount would work better for chasing, I'd think. As far as power goes, the battery in the instructions lasts 3 as long as you're not stuck under a stratus deck most of the way to the target, you should be fine. Then again, once you're right there, what do you need the internet for anyway? I'd imagine with a little bit of electrical genius, you could rig extra or larger-capacity batteries to the device.

LOL!! I wonder what a police officer would think if you got pulled over and had your car searched..... and he found this wifi backpack.. LOL!!


Seriously officer... It's a wireless internet backpack... :roll: