Major incident delared in England after Flash Flood Disaster

This is braking news in England right now and has occurred 52 years to the day after the Lynmouth disaster. A severe complex of thunderstorms have produced a flash flood that has washed away the heart of Boscastle in Cornwall, SW England.

The UK government has declared this a major disaster. No casualties have been reported fortunately.,,3000...1147851,00.html


Stuart Robinson
Leicestershire, England
Hi Stu

Having been on night shift all night, I've been keeping up to date with all of the developments so far.

Incredibly, there are no reports of any deaths or major injuries, despite the shocking scenes from the village yesterday.

Here are links to a few images from the flash flood (thanks to Britbob for posting these images on UK weather forums):

And here's what the village looks like on a proper summer's day:

For reference, the white houses on the left side of the last photograph, can also be seen bottom-right in the first photograph.

More thunderstorms forecast for the area today.


Yes some 60 cars were washed down the high street and ended up in the Harbor and even swept out to sea - some of the cars have still not been recovered even today but luckly no one was killed.