Major Hurricane Hit Question

EF, I'm sure you could help me with this, but I am sure some one else may know the answer.

What is the shortest time period in which two major hurricane (Cat 3 or greater) have hit the US coast?

I can't help but think that TD5 has not only high potential to be a major hurricane, but also a high risk of hitting the US eventually.

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Found your answer! The year was 1954. There were three CAT-3 or above hurricanes that struck the East Coast. They were:

Carol - August 30, 1954
Edna - September 11, 1954
Hazel - October 15, 1954

If I figure my calendar right, that means 13 days passed between Carol and Edna. And 34 days passed between Edna and Hazel.

Also in 1955, there were two CAT-3 or above hurricanes:

Connie - August 12-13, 1955
Ione - September 19, 1955

Here's the source of my info:
Also, in 1996 — this kind of counts — Hurricane Edouard (cat-3) hit Nantucket Is./Martha's Vineyard, MA on Sept. 2, then Fran (cat-3) hit Wilmington, NC on Sept. 5, so there's 3 days difference. Edouard didn't make landfall on the mainland, but it still caused a state of emergency declared in MA and killed 2 people — enough of a hit for the people there, I'm sure.
These aren't significant as far as time between hurricanes or Cat 3 and aboves, but it is significant because of the constant rainfall that can lead to severe flooding in NC.

1999 Dennis hit and pretty much sat on top of us for 4-5 days dumping plenty of rainfall on us (Aug 30-Sept 4/5)
Sept 16,1999 Floyd hit and severely flooded parts of NC, some of the worst occurring in Rocky Mount and Kinston( I drove through Kinston about 2-3 weeks after this occurred and it was horrible - alot of livestock was killed due to the flooding.)

This year the coastline of NC has seen Alex (Cat 1 Aug 3)on the outskirts and remanants of Bonnie(no category, but alot of rainfall in NC) and Charley(Cat 1,Aug 14) all within 11 days of each other.

NC won't be able to sustain a whole lot of this, I hope we get a slight break on the rainfall.