Madison, WI supercell shot

Nice shot of that storm moving in. Very impressive on radar. Wonder if it will go tornadic. Yeah only a couple of people are posting over there. Kinda lessens the amount of input but I guess the input on there is pretty good. Some of those guys have left not sure how much updating there will be.
I can't post in the target area either. A severe warned supercell passed through my area around 2:30pm. It had a well defined hook on radar, and showed some signs of rotation on the velocity scan, but was not warned. It must not have been impressive enough apparently.

I took some very cool pictures as the hook passed right over head. In my BACK YARD!! Nice looking rain free base with two weak mesocyclones. It looked like it couldn't quite get it's act together though. The best meso got rappidly occluded right as it passed. The back side of the hook passed through with very brief heavy rain and marble sized hail. The RFD kicked up a few gusts over 45mph as the rain and hail fell.

If anyone wants to host these pics so I could post them I'd really appreciate it!!!
Look at the image NOW! There's a funnel cloud in the shot!....

... It's now rolled into the archive, the 15:59:04 shot. It's hard to see on the thumbnail, but the funnel extends about two-thirds to the ground directly over the second colon in the time stamp. The funnel is dragging toward the left with almost certainly a classic clear slot wrapping around the far side. You don't see those in webcams very often! :shock: