Low Bandwidth Version?

Hi Tim;

Just curious if there are any plans to bring back a "low bandwidth" version like we used to have; it was really nice over slow cell connections.

Being able to turn off avatars, signatures and images in posts (in the control panel) is not bad; but there's still a bit of "fat" left over even with those off.

Thank you.
Since the "fat" is coming from images, there is an extension for FireFox that's simple and removes all images from the page. There's a checkbox in the bottom right corner of the browser that you can use to toggle images. The state of the checkbox is persistant for the current tab so you can continue to surf without images.

Solution: Click on "Archive" on the very bottom right of the page. Presto magic!

Bravo Tim! That's exactly what I was looking for. I wouldn't have guessed that "archive" would refer to that feature though.. but I guess it pays to try things out too.