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Looking for good books on forecasting for a beginner

So please excuse the new guy! I've loved storms for as long as I can remember, probably like most of us on here. I made the decision earlier this year, to teach myself as much as humaly possible about weather. Why it happens/when/how people know almost exactly where to go and importatntly where NOT to go. It just facinates me.

So after being 5 months in and having read hours and hours and hours of online information, forum discussions, youtube video's, Skywarn classes, etc... I realize that I'm in for a STEEP learning curve. I understand a lot of the basics, but I do not understand all of the forecast models that I see people talking about. I don't understand how the different levels within the Troposphere work together to make a supercell. I don't understand how the SPC can put out a moderate risk area a few days in advance, and generally be pretty spot on. I want to understand how it all works together, but frankly feel completely overwhelmed at the moment.

If I was to go to amazon, and nose around, are there any meteorology books, forecasting books that you folks would recommend? I would like to chase a little this year, but don't want to drive hundreds of miles aimlessly naturally lol.

Again, go easy on the noobie! And so far, these forums have been awesome!


I personally love Tim Vazquez's books, the Storm Chasing Handbook, and Weather Forecasting and Analysis. Got them a couple of years ago when I wanted to finally LEARN about the weather and not just aimlessly chase storms. I'd have to go find the links though, i cannot remember them offhand. I'm sure someone else does
I agree with Chris. Tims books are fantastic and a must have for anyone wanting to learn more about the weather and its forecasting. I have his Weather Forecasting and Analysis and his Severe Weather Forecasting books. I have read each of them multiple times and still use them as a review when I want a refresher. I got them from the Anything Weather store(www.anythingweatherstore.com).
Storm chasing handbook might be handy for someone new to chasing, but the weather aspects of it are probably completely covered in the other two books. Still, some nice tidbits in there including breakdowns of most of the chaseable terrain that go pretty in depth.