Looking for a Pocket Pc or Smartphone??

I'm looking for something that is portable like maybe a sidekick but the internet i heard sucks or maybe a treo 650? I was also looking at the DellAxim50v but I don't know how you get mobile internet on it?

I need help!

We have a Treo, and the integration with the Palm OS is simply amazing. It is the definition of what a smatphone should be. I highly reccomend it.
We have the Treo 600. There isn't any data plan we use; only the regular montly minutes are used up (unless it's nights or weekends :)).

I should also mention that you can get an adapter to use this phone as a wireless modem for your laptop, which comes in handy.
Jordan, I have a Treo 650 with Sprint PCS. A Vision plan includes unlimited internet. There are connections available to use it to surf the web through the laptop. There are also a few programs out there that give radar information, etc. The Treo 650 also comes with a camera that can take video or still shots. The pictures aren't that great of quality and if you would like, I could send you a picture I took of my parrots. If you have any questions, let me know.
I, too, have a Treo 600. I second the integration on the phone between Palm and the web, it's great. The NWS Southern region has a radar/sat/fcst/currents access page that was tailor made for phones like this. It's discussed in another thread.

Palmone had MANY problems with the Treo 600 when it came out. A large batch of phones were defective. I haven't heard of probs with the 650.
Originally posted by Morgan Palmer

Palmone had MANY problems with the Treo 600 when it came out. A large batch of phones were defective. I haven't heard of probs with the 650.

Large problem with the 650 is a memory issue. PalmOne is working on it but until then, they're issuing a free 128 SDRAM card to everyone who buys a new 650. There's also a few lag issues involved when dialing. If you're interested in a Treo, check out http://www.treocentral.com
I had a Dell Axim...it was cool...never used it....sold on Ebay. I realized I could sync my contacts and calendar on hotmail and have it anywhere in the world I could get online.

Just something to think about.
Verizon phones

I had the Kyocera 6035 and the 7135 and both were fine... the 6035 was a monochrome palm phone but I developed a little local website for weather graphics and then moved up to the 7135... in color.

I now use the Samsung i600 Smartphone and it's adequate but I think I will consider a pocketpc phone with evdo, in the future... just too many times that speed was of the essence...

My palm-os phones served me well, just didn't like the monochrome on the 6035 and the (occasional)software issues on the 7135. Text entry is difficult on the i600, hence the desire for a pocketpc phone (with slide-out keyboard).... try punching in a website on anything else.

You are welcome to try my mobile site out... it's rather local in content, but it's where I send people that want to see what they might find on the web... without getting charged.