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Live Weather to Web software?

Joey Ketcham

Does anyone know of a good or somewhat good freebie software that would take current conditions from my weather station and place them on the internet live?

This is just until I can buy some software from Ambient Weather to do this.


I have used WeatherView 32 in the past... Although quaint in in-depth information, if your looking for a quick glance at information from your station, it works pretty well... I would be willing to let go of my copy, as I havent used it in over 4 years.... email me if interested...
Ive been playing with the trial version of Wx View 32 and it seems like a pain, haven't yet figured out how to get it to work properly... still messing with it and learning.
I agree with you on that... Its one of the reasons I quit using it... I was mainly pulling data from the NWS servers via emwin and using wxview to make a "pretty" display on my website... I have since gone to HamWeather for the site... Which really does no good for getting your realtime data published from your station....
I bought and registered VWS too a few years ago, but I went back to the el cheapo Davis Weather Station charting software. I missed those time-series graphs too much.

I run the Ambient VWS too! Over all it is IMO a very rounded and complete product and one can customise it 100% you your needs.

I have recently purchased also imagesala but I have not updated the site yet. I want to improve my web cam presentation but also to overlay some pay per view UK radar images on top of street and trips maps - this is all work in progress but a friend of mine has this working already.

We are so data starved in Europe that we tend to write our own weather software etc.

http://www.bylink.com - my simple site using VWS.
I got the Davis Vantage Pro for my birthday!!!!!!!!! But I need the software to connect it with my computer.........CHEAP or free........help!