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Anybody got information on lightning striking people and their story?
I am new here and this is my first post, hope I can learn alot here!
Originally posted by Zachary Fradella
Anybody got information on lightning striking people and their story?
I am new here and this is my first post, hope I can learn alot here!

Hi, Zachery. Welcome aboard. :D

My husband and two others were struck by lighting awhile back. I'll get the link from him of the video of it, and post it here in a bit.
May 13, 1985 – My father, Lewis “Patâ€￾ Silvey, was struck and killed by lightning near, Jewett, TX. I don’t know if that was the closest town, but it was around there. He was a heavy equipment operator for a mine in the local area. On that day he and 5 or six others were having lunch under a tree. My father was standing with his back against the tree trunk and the others were sitting around on the ground, when the lightning struck. My father died instantly and most of the others ended up in the hospital with sever burns and exit holes wherever their bodies were in contact with the ground. I went to TX with my grandfather to attend a memorial service and spoke with some of the others who were there and could get out of the hospital to attend. They told me there were no storms in the area, and the lightning came from a single lone cloud. I have never done any research about the accident or the weather in the area on that day, so I don’t know many other details.

It is now almost 20 years later, and I have told very few people about this except for my wife and children. I’m not sure why I decided to share it with everybody today, but thank you for listening. If anybody would like to research the date and finds out more information, please feel free to post it.
I decided to ride my bike one day, and a "bolt from the blue" struck about 15 feet away (knocked me off my bike), and scared the hell outta the people across the street who were doing yard work. When it first hit, I was waiting for the loud thunder, but I could only hear the echo of it (a very loud echo mind you, but it was about 2 seconds after the strike). I did some searching and found this:

Source: NOAA
Q: What causes thunder?

A: Thunder is caused by lightning. The bright light of the lightning bolt represents a great deal of energy. This energy heats the air to above 50,000 degrees F in only a few millionths of a second. The superheated air has no time to expand, so it starts out at a very high pressure. The high pressure air then expands outward into the surrounding air compressing it and causing a disturbance that propagates in all directions away from the lightning bolt. The disturbance is a shock wave for the first 10 yards, after which it becomes an ordinary sound wave, or thunder.

I'm guessing that since I was within the 10 yard range, I was hit by the "wave" before it elongated into a full sound wave, therefore I could only hear the echo in the distance...
I am asking this because I live in New Orleans. We had a very strong line of thunderstorms last night with tremendous lightning. I stepped outside during the storm and was looking out to the street which is only about 10 yards away. Lightning then struck and it was the weirdest sound, it sounded like dynamite going off right a foot in front of me. After that I was then very shakin-up and as I walked inside another one came from the back. The thunder was heard before i truly saw the flash of lightning. I was just curious if I was in the lightning or so close I heard the shock wave not the sound wave.
I think it was about 1991, when my wife and I lived in an apartment, on the top level, (had a better view of storms moving off to the east :lol:) which had a flagpole located about 20 yards outside of our bedroom window. One night we both awoke at the same time and heard very loud sizzling sound (like a bug zapper) and then a POP (like a static shock only MUCH louder. One of the most eerie feelings we both have ever had. There was no flash, crack, rumble, only SIZZLE, FLASH – POP! I have always assumed it was lighting hitting the flagpole. To close for me, I don’t think I would want to be inside of the 10 yrd circle.