Lightning videos

Hi everyone,

I have a question and I hope someone of you can help me.

In spring 2004, I chased in the alley and one of the most frightening weather phenomenons was the lightning in a tornadic supercell. I never saw so many dangerous strikes(CGs). That's why I would be gald, if one of you guys has a video,where you can see such an amazing lightning show. Or do you have videos from crawlers?
Maybe someone knows a good chasing video with many CGs next to a (tornadic) storm.

I would be glad if someone of you can help me...

Regards, Helge
I have an amazing lightning storm on video from May 26, 1997, but alas - in today's age of "format matters, content don't", it has all but been forgotten as it was shot on analog VHSc format.

Nevermind the fact that the possible ball lightning on the video made NSSL scientists Dave Rust say "What the hell is that?" upon first glance.

It's been over eight years and I've yet to see a single lightning video that rivals it IMO.

Hi ,

thanks for your reply...I think I have to chase another time in the alley to get my lightning video:)

If someone has an idea where I could find such a video, don't hesistate to contact me,

Regards, Helge