Lightning Strikes Football Practice

Lightning struck (or near) football players in Grapeland, in East Texas at around 6:30 CT this evening. There was a significant amount of lightning in storms farther north, near Tyler though the cells in this vicinity were not very strong.

Sketchy details on at

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Anyway, from what is reported is that the storm that produced the lightning was quite a distance away when the bolt came down. There's about 4 minutes of video from KLTV in Tyler here.


Is this the first time this has happened? Lightning striking a sporting event with storms a good distance away? I thought I read/heard something about a soccer game where lightning struck a year or so ago.

But it doesn't surprise me that it did happen, not one bit.
Lightning hit a house about 15mi from me yesterday and completely torched it. Only thing standing was the outside walls. Was a very nice 2 story. No one hurt. :shock: