Lightning Detector

Rod Neff

Does any know of any good lightning detectors for Computers? I was thinking about a thunderbolt lightning detector..But I like to see where the lightning is.

I have a Boltek lightning detector I bought about 4 years ago. I like it.

That said, let it be stated again (there was an old thread where we discussed this a while back) that azimuth/direction from site is excellent, but range leaves a lot to be desired.

That also said, how much more do you expect from a directional AM antenna, which is basically what it is.

I have noticed it will detect CGs and in -cloud lightning from more than the maximum 300 mile range. So, when you want to know when the first bolt is discharged, it's a handy little tool.

Close in, it tends to get confused in a highly charged local atmosphere, and plots all over the place.

I have not used this in a mobile environment.